Vision & Mission

Since we are passionate ourselves, we understand your requirement and cater to satisfactory holiday experiences.

A sincere effort to provide our travellers an asset of unforgettable holiday which could be cherished even after decades.

Since travel is the best gift one could give oneself, we help you discover the undiscovered and to gift wrap them with care and professionalism so that our travellers experience bliss & joy whenever they unwrap their memories.




Just a year old, SANCHAARI has made its mark in the tour and travel sector. The people at SANCHAARI come from a decade long experience in the industry and have a significantly large clientele.


Managing Director

I hold a Bachelor Degree in Tourism management from Bangalore University. I hail from the travel background with work experience of 9 years and a couple of experience as a freelancer.

I have always wanted to give people a different routine in their travel which are pocket friendly, make a total justice to their valuable time by stitching sightseeing/activities which would fit each individual's criteria of travel and to leave no stone unturned in providing you with all the services required for traveling. This vision i have seen is the driving force for me to launch my dream - SANCHAARI.

My biggest hobbies are Travel, Reading and Socializing. And my socializing had resulted in a beautiful way as the below dearies have helped me brick SANCHAARI.

Key People

His humbleness, positivity and modesty is the outcome and main driving force of the birth of my dream SANCHAARI. He is the man behind the success story of me being SANCHAARI !


His linguistics and hold on the language Kannada being brilliant, he gave my dream the name SANCHAARI meaning Traveler!


Her artistic brain v/s her creative thinking is an outcome of SANCHAARI's logo, color and pattern!

Ankitha M.N

His fast mind and natural thinking is the outcome of SANCHAARI's tag line!

Athish Jayanth

His simplicity, calm and focused mindset, dedication towards family and spirituality is the outcome of SANCHAARI's set up and technicality!

Vijay N Kanth

Key People